Invited speaker: Simona Caraceni

Simona Caraceni¬†confirmed her¬†availability as Invited Speaker at IRCDL 2017. The provisional title of her presentation is “Virtual Heritage: an open pipeline”. Simona Caraceni, PhD at Plymouth University in Aesthetics and Technology, is involved in projects for Museums and Virtual Heritage at the Visit-Lab of the Department of Supercomputing, Applications and Innovation of Cineca. Accredited journalist,[…]

Invited speaker: Marcello Pellacani

Marcello Pellacani, VP Strategic Partnerships of Expert System, confirmed the availability as Invited Speaker at IRCDL 2017. Marcello is the director of Expert System UK and focuses on building strategic alliances with technology partners. He was formerly the President and CTO of Expertweb, an advanced IT solutions developer and consultancy, where he helped double the[…]